How to download whatsapp status without internet?

How to download WhatsApp status without internet?

Whatsapp everyone uses and update status every day or some festival. Whatsapp is used every one in a family and our friends. Some status is more interesting and funny. And sometimes status are lovely and beautyful pics. And you want to download and set on Mobile screen and troubling problems because in WhatsApp does not provide download WhatsApp status features.

   And we want this status but your friend not giving this status. But read this article full you will learn how to download whatsapp status without internet. Open WhatsApp on your phone and see what

status you wan










download whatsapp status

t. After this open my files or internal storage where your WhatsApp folder where it keeps. And after open media

You see types of files related Whatsapp click on the option (there is to delete,/ or share, list or setting) or right-hand side upper icon and go to setting and clicks to show hidden files. after a file name .status is shown open and all the status is shown here. copy status those you want and paste in another folder.
In Es file explorer you do not need to go setting.

now, by this method, you can download WhatsApp status.

What do we if unknow person detect you through WhatsApp?

If Unknown person continuous send you a message or spying on you adult contents send and they became hacker but you don’t in this situation take screenshots of that account and message and in WhatsApp setting go to help option clicks on a contact us and describe your problem with screenshots and report them. This is right to safety. Because they can spy on another country.


how to remove a name from true caller web list

Truecaller was made by True Software Scandinavia AB truecaller is online telephone directory above 250+ million are true caller user most of all, uses truecaller and they satisfied with this best service our friends also, use it. when some unknown person calling you their number is shown with their names and you can find who is this person calling you. many unknown friends can call in duplicate voice and gather information then you can find who is this sometimes in any incident our enemy is following us and  more