What is Ransomware? and how to prevent?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software which is encrypt your data in your computer or it is hacked your computer and stop other software to access the apps. and to open the data or decrypt the data you need decrypt  key.

it is available on that person or hacker hack your computer through malicious software. and they demand some money to decrypt the data. they are giving limited time if it is late they increase his/her demand.

but most time we pay the money but they are not decrypt our data.

they demand in Bittcoin to safe from government

Hacker sent you an email or notification in which you will a lucky winner and to take exciting prizes like amazon free coupan or mobile recharge or high offer and we think and click as randomly to see prize then automatic a file or software download and hackers lock your data.

before completed download files you should immediately delete the file and turn of the pc

WannaCry is a program it is malware program that encrypt your all data

on Friday, 12 May 2017 wannaCry attack on Microsoft windows they have one little  vulnerable was found Within One day around 230,000 computer over 150 countries. after a day microsoft release emergency patches for window 8.1 windows 7 windows 8 windows xp windows 10 windows server 2003

It is the biggest ransomware of the world around  $130,634.77  in Bittcoin 51.62396539 XBT

Marcus Hutchins  suddenly found the kill switch domain hardcoded in the malware software. and stopped the attack from spreading.

How to safe your computer from ransomware attack


  • Go to control panel-program-features
  • Click windows features turn on off
  • SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support

  • click ok and restart your computer


  • Backup your all the data in pendrive or in your hardisk and keep offline
  • keep it update windows operating system latest
  • hacker can send you an email in which you win exciting prizes to take prize click here but do not if you click an unwanted files or software download and lock your data so don’t open spam mail
  • keep antivirus update everytime and scan time to time.