How to hack any android game without root

How to hack any android game without root

Hey guys android games in our previous post I have given how to hack hill climb. In this post I will tell you how to hack any android game without root In this world, we want to complete the game in any condition with cheating or honestly, if we hack the game then we are proud to feel on us.  Some people are more interested in hacking and they want to hack any software or game to get unlimited coins and gems and they share this game with their friends. and get more credit. So friends here technical guru has given some tips How to hack any android game without root your android device. Friends, it is really possible any android game.

In this, I have given two tips on how to hack any android game.hack any android game without root

Lucky Patcher

  • To install lucky patcher from google and you open to see
  • click on any android offline game and you see the option
  • There are six option and click in the menu of patches
  • How to hack any android game without root
  • and there are seven option are front of you and click in
  • APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation APK with changed Permissions and Activities
  • after this don’t click any option you shown and rebuild the app

After this you see

  • Patches Pattern N1 success…..
  • Patches Pattern N2 success…
  • Patches Pattern N3 failed …..
  • Patches Pattern N4 failed…..

there is minimum two patches pattern should be a success here only two patches are a success after this uninstall the previous version and install the new version you can also backup your apk old version or hacked version.

and the second method is

Click on MOD and all hacked version games are shown suppose I choose candy crush and download this game and Open and Play.

Friends in this hacked version I have a full life and reaches to level 3050. android game



friends, you learn how to hack any android game.

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