latest hidden tricks of whatsapp 2018

latest hidden tricks of whatsapp 2018latest hidden tricks of whatsapp 2018

when we are chatting in whatsapp group with friends. suddenly someone send message and deleted that message before anyone see. and you try to find that message what is written your friend and your friends are not told you what he/she is written. here there is latest hidden tricks of whatsapp 2018 to find deleted message in group/individual for all.

  • open your googleplaystore and download notification history/Notif Log notification history
  • go to setting> accessibility and allow notification history and also allow accessibility
  • here i will send message one mobile  to another mobile and after delete this message before seeing in another mobile
  • open notification history app and deleted message counted here. you can see from here.

How to show your status to be selected person

everyone update status they are share thoughts of himself. but some friends/family member not like the status

they are trolling you. here if you want show your status to be selected person. this is very nice and share your thoughts with status.

  • go to whatsapp setting
  • WhatsApp Settings>Account>Privacy>Status
  • three options here
  1. My contacts – share your status will all your contacts.
  2. My contacts except – you can disbar selected contacts from seeing your status
  3. Only share with – you can make a specific group of contacts with whom you want to share your status and other want to see your status

Share GIF files, or create GIF files

this is very interesting secret tricks by this tricks you can share your photos with compressing, share your current location, or send gif files or document

click on above rights side icon and click on gallary or record 8 sec of video automatically gives option three option select as gif your gif files is ready and you can share with your friends. i hope you enjoy this article.