what is kali linux? why hacker use kali linux?

kali linux Kali Linux is also one type of operating system like window xp, window10, window 8, window 7.

It is the distribution of desbian based-linux used in Advance Penetration testing and find  vulnerabilities  in system,

Reverse engineering,  security testing.

Penetration testing means to find the sites there is loop hole hacker’s can easily attack  on sites and steal informations. data.

  • Why hacker use kali linux?

There are several hundred tools in kali  which is use hackers for advance hacking

if you want to check  vulnerabilities in any website or security testing then first you will go through coding and waste many hours but by using kali linux the tools is already installed code is already typed and you can customised and check the security testing and find vulnerabilities and save time.

one of the best tools of kali linux is Nikto by this you can check vulnerabilities in any site

  • Is it illegal to use Kali?

Kali is made for security testing, penetration testing, and reverse engineering and much more.

if you use for good purpose like to help any one’s website and system then it is good.

  • Who made kali linux?

Mati Aharoni and devon kearns for offencive security through backtrack. Kali  is based on debian testing.

  • Is it kali linux free?

Kali linux is type of backtrack. it is completely free of charges and you will never pay for kali linux.

  • Kali based on version of debian

kali based on distribution of davian wheezy, but after kali’s 2.0 new kernel 4.0 based on devian jessie

  • Best tools for wifi hacking

1 Aircrack-ng

is the popular tools for wireless wifi  WEP/WPA/WPA2 cracking.

2. Reaver

It is also popular tool directly target on WPS (wifi Protected setup). it needs good strength. but 50% chance to hack the wifi.


It is new tool it is also target on WPS. it exploit on low vulnerable points. it is called Pixel dust.