How to create a website on wordpress

WordPress is open source software used to create beautiful blog on website. it’s use is very simple and flexible content management system(CMS). wordpress is simple to use anyone can make their own blog on wordpress. most of professional website are  made on wordpress. you can make money with wordpress by advertisement with googleadsense or by affiliate marketing. read this article and you will learn how to create a website on wordpress

How to install wordpress?

wordpress is free to install but you need  domain[] and web hosting

buy a unique domain from blue host or godaddy it is very cheap price and in web hosting buy shared hosting from blue host most recommend or namechip. shared hosting is best because in shared hosting you can use more than one website on same server.  if  you purchase hosting plan from namechip an e-mail is receive you. in these provided you cpanel login id and password and nameserver. and if you purchase domain from godaddy

go to domain setting in DNS  and add nameserver of webhosting it is given in email that you receive .

and here it takes 24 hours in update.

your domain is connected with webhosting. login your cpanel and scroll down and

install wordpress


choose protocol http://www.  if you choose https://www. then you can’t access your website  after this I will tell you how to change http:// into https://

choose domain

and write site name and site discription of your topic  next change your username and strong password you can also change your language and also set login attempt of wordpress

click on install it take 30-40 seconds

after this it looks like

simple website is ready 

How to create a website on wordpress

in second link you can login wordpress account where you can create your own blog and customise in which type you want.

I hope you learn how to create a website on wordpress

I will tell you how to change http://www. into https://www.  in next posts