Best android business card scanner app

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator –  Here you will find best android business card scanner app mainly built for business purpose and also for student who make their own project.
uses scan any kind of document and crop adjust and save as Pdf
scan the text file of document and recognised in digital format
simply download from google play store and when you open need sign up.

Best android business card scanner app   


if you already signup you need to sign in
after sign open and clicks on start scanning and allow CamScanner to take pictures and record video
clicks on camera and scan the document you can also scan ID card, greeting card, QR code and PPT
after scan the Document save as PDF clicks you can click on recognize and scan text file into digital format and share also the file
you can make multiple scanner document By upgrading take more features


2. ABBYY business card reader can save your contact in flash
Recommended by The New york Times

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With ABBYY you can transfer bussiness card data into 25+ languages instantly on your smartphone
You can sync cards with smartphones, tablets, and computer through ABBYY’s cloud and manage your contact from anywhere on ABBYYBCR.COM
you can share contact data from BCR where you save contact via e-mail


3. MDScan[Mobile Doc Scanner is new software for business for your android device it is very useful mobile app and tool to scan any kind of document
convert into PDF format and share from your device to another device and quicky scan and make multi page
simply download from playstore open and click on camera and scan after this you can adjust by crop after this give their name
you can quick mail this file
send scan as link
you can Print this PDF
you can export as PDF
You can export pages in JPEG Format

Really these apps are best android business card scanner app

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Best Android apps for scanning business cards scanner app