google keyword planner

google keyword planner

There are many new blogger who want to rank their blog in the 1st page of google
But it is very difficult. Friends if you are a blogger then read this post I will share how to rank your blog in Top 10 pages of google firstly

  • what is google keyword planner

Those keyword search by People on google it is called google keyword by the help of these keyword you can rank your blog in Top 10 pages of google use those keyword, search by people on google

  • google keyword tools

There are many google keyword tools is available but all these are paid. here I will give free google keyword tools with this, rank your blog in top 10 pages of google

google keyword planner

Search google keyword planner or click here  after this click on Start using keyword planner, sign in google adwords with your gmail account or create new one. This google adwords free tools for google keyword planner.

here already sign in, three option given here click on first and write your keyword [those you want to rank in google] in first box. eg I am searching google keyword  planner, after this click on get ideas see here


Average monthly search is 100k to 1M, competition is low means few blogger are using this keyword if the competition is high then do not use that keyword, use another keyword that is given in related while searching actual keyword here sugg bid is $3.45 suggested bid means people find your blog through google high CPC bid ad units show when they click on ad you will not get maximum CPC  bid amount. after this you create backlink with this keyword definitely your blog rank in Top 10 pages of google

if you want to rank your blog or share your knowledge to everyone please use google keyword planner if you randomly write a post and not right selecting you will never get rank like me but now I am using this google keyword planner and My website gets ranking in alexa.


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