How to create android app and earn money?

Friends if you are interested in blogging, making android apk ,  etc. and wants to earn some money then you came in right platform read this article full and you will learn how to create android app and you can earn by monetization your app.

  • Appsgeyser

its free and here you can make app without coding.

just follow the  steps:

you need a blog where the blog want to show in app

open you web browser in your PC and type and click on  create an app free and click on icon of website just

and enter your websites’s URL and continue after this give your app name and continue after this give discription of your app and




after this choose app icon and your app is ready and you should up and your link is below and you should follow few steps to publish your app in googleplaystore

This method is very easy to make android there are three steps follow and your app is ready


  • Appypie

search and clicks on Get started and enter App name choose your category

second step is fill your facebook page if not have so skip and go to third step design is choose your app design clicks on my feature and add pages of about us, contact us, text page, news. you can add youtube url and also create events and much more. and clicks on Design customisation and choose app name, app icon, choose app background. after complete your app you should buy a plan if you want to earn money. here you  learn how to create android app without coding. but if you choose free then apps relavent ads show there. your ads not shown. In next post I will share how to sign up Admob and earn money. and by google adsense also.

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